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Why one launch is never enough

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Have you ever launched a new service or offer and felt disappointed with the results, or got so burned out that you never ran the launch again?

I call this the launch hit and run and we are all guilty of it. But I want to share with you why this isn’t a good idea.

Launching something once and then never again, is basically like leaving money on the table and can do more bad than good for your business.

But first, let’s explore why people only launch once

The most obvious reason is because you didn’t get the results you wanted. And although this might feel like rejection, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you, who you are as a person, as a coach or your credibility. There are so many reasons why you didn’t get the results you wanted, but not one has to do with your worth.

Launch burnout is real and is another reason why you might have only launched your service once. There is no denying that a lot of energy is needed for a launch, but once you really understand what needs to be done, well in advance and understand your energy type, launching doesn't have to result in burnout.

This reason is a bit of a red flag…you’re bored of your offer and can’t bring yourself to talk about it anymore. This is a red flag because launching is 90% energy and if you’re not completely obsessed and excited about your launch, then it is going to be nearly impossible to sell.

However if you’re still in love with your offer but a bit bored of the messaging and talking about it, you need to remember how often someone needs to see and hear about something before they truly remember it even exists. So, if you think you’re talking about it too much, know this is almost impossible, so keep going.

Why you need to launch again and again

There is no such thing as the perfect launch, no matter how many times you launch something, you’ll never arrive at ‘perfect’, it just doesn’t exist.

The point of launching isn’t to get things completely right, it’s about learning more and more about your audience, so each time you move closer to ‘perfection’. You should always approach your launch knowing that you’ll be tweaking something each time.

We can’t control buying habits, we can try and manipulate them (ethically), but ultimately, everyone is on their own timeline and the sooner you realise this, the more fun you’ll have in your launches. It also means that if you skip out on that next launch, you could be missing out on your ideal client being ready to invest.

Launching (just like any marketing activity) is like an experiment. You get to play around with different formulas and variables, giving you more and more insight into your audience and what they really need. Launching your offer just once, won’t give you enough data to truly understand your audience, you need to keep experimenting.

If you keep launching different things, not really sticking to a particular niche, audience type of promise, you’re not going to be seen as an authority in your community. Launching again and again, gives you so much more visibility and will help you to grow in confidence, being known for one thing.

Launching stretches us outside of our comfort zone, which is so necessary for a successful, thriving business. Successful businesses are run by CEOs who don’t rely on a particular outcome to feel worthy or good enough to keep going. The best CEOs are resilient AF and launching fast-tracks our resilience by helping us to practice detachment from the goals or destination. Instead forcing us to be present in the journey, see and learn from the lessons and ultimately to keep going.

Ways you can experiment and grow with your launches

Okay now it’s time to start thinking about your next launch, how it will help your business grow and expand, rather than shrink and play small.

There are different ways you can start playing around launch variables.

Firstly you need to split your launch into the pre-launch and the doors open period. Within these two phases, pick 1-2 variables to play around with. For example:

Messaging - did you focus on the feelings and emotions behind the results or did you spend too much time explaining the features and benefits or the pain points they’re experiencing? Review emails, social media posts, stories and any other places you shared your messaging and decide how this time you will make a change.

The offer - did you meet your audience where they were at and give them an offer that was an absolute no-brainer? Instead of looking at discounts, decide how this time you can give even more value.

Pricing - did you truly back the price of your last launch? Maybe it felt too edgy so subconsciously you showed up already knowing it wouldn’t land? Or maybe it was too heavily discounted, so you felt resentment when you shared the price? What are you going to change this time round?

Strategy - there are so many ways to launch. From the timing of your launch, to the people you exclusively offer it to. This is also where you would review your promo/hype event to see if it was the best way to get your audience ready.

Mindset - an honest review of how you felt during your launch and how much you showed up for yourself before you did anything else. If you don’t have the time or commitment to do the mindset work, then I would seriously consider putting a pause on your launch because this is SO important and should be prioritised every, single, day!

Are you a launch hit and runner?

I hope this has helped you to see the beauty of launching again and again, no hit and runs around here!

Your offer or service has so much potential and shouldn’t be abandoned just because of one lacklustre launch.

If you are a coach who wants to give her service a chance to evolve and attract more attention, I can support you in two different ways:


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