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Private Marketing Mentorship


Create more impact and income by activating your marketing. 

For the heart-led coach who lacks strategy and consistency who is ready to grow a thriving coaching business.

Your lack of action and marketing expertise is costing you clients

All you want do is coach more women, but to do this, you need to be able market your offer simply and powerfully. 


This is what we do in Activate - simplify your approach to marketing and sales so you spend less time creating new offers and more time transforming the lives of your clients. 

The sooner we get to work together the quicker you’ll find consistency in your income and the more impact you'll have on the women who need your coaching. 

You know you have something have something powerful to share, you just lack the steps to reach the right people.

With a framework to uncover your coaching superpower, powerful habits that the most successful CEOs implement and creating simple marketing & sales strategies, you'll start to attract more dream clients with more ease.  

My love language is supporting women like you...

→ Women like you who want to help more women succeed.

→ Women like you who believe in the power of coaching.

→ Women like you who understand the necessity for more female leaders.
→ Women like you who have big, beautiful, open hearts.


It's the ripple effect that does it for me.

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Journal wide open,
how would it feel...

To be fully supported building a personal brand and a core offer that is consistently booked out?

If you always had unread DMs because your content sparks conversations and your messaging is on point?

To know that being unapologetically you is the easiest way to make money in your business?

But instead you find yourself...

⨯ With low income months and very little consistency in attracting clients. 


⨯ Over-consuming resulting in overwhelm and feeling not good enough to show-up, you never know what to do next.

⨯ Feeling like you’re shouting into the void, fading into the background because you don’t know how to stand-out online? 


⨯ Falling between the gap of knowing your gifts and how to effectively communicate them…enter more doom scrolling.


⨯ Deflated, just like your DMs because you’re not where you thought you would be right now as a business owner and coach.

We'll follow a simple 3-step activation:


The most successful online business owners are the ones that take consistent messy action. I'll help you to grow in confidence so you ask for the sale everyday, feel resilient to hearing the no's so you will inevitably here more yes's.



We will uncover your USP, your superpower, the transformation you provide your clients and create an offer that feels super aligned and easy to sell.




We’ll activate your marketing, messaging, sales and most importantly activate you into taking consistent action everyday. Your marketing is an extension of you so let’s play with a strategy that feels easy to implement, that effortlessly attracts consistent dream clients. We will take a creative, experimental approach that you can repeat, refine and improve. 

We should jump on a call if:

✦ You’ve made the decision that 2023 is the year to make bigger and braver moves.


You want to feel completely supported in building a beautiful personal brand that honours all that you are and what you desire.


✦ You want to fast-track your results. You could probably do it by yourself but ‘been there, done that’ you need an expert to speed-up your success.


✦ The feeling of not being where you want to be is more uncomfortable than staying where you are right now. 

However this isn't going to work if:

⨯ You’re not fully committed to your vision or unwilling to do work to get the results you desire.


⨯ You’re happy to keep scrolling, comparing, YouTubing your way slowly to a strategy that might work.

⨯ Building a personal brand with increased visibility isn’t completely aligned to you.


⨯ You’re on the fence whether you want to create a sustainable business.

The Investment

3 months




Flexi-payment plans available

Activation Investmen

What's included?

Fortnightly Calls

Private 1:1 mentorship with a fortnightly deep-dive into your marketing and business. Imagine getting laser-focused attention on growing and nurturing your audience for 3-6 months & the impact that would have.

On-The-Go Mentorship

Have me in your back pocket for those times when you've had a lightbulb moment and need a sanity check, you've hit a brick wall, you want to validate a new idea or you want to celebrate a new client signing.

Content & Copy Clinic

Weekly opportunities to submit the marketing you're working on for my expert eye to help you refine and strengthen your message so you make more sales consistently. 

Sarah 4.jpg

Hi there, I'm Sarah your
Marketing Mentor &
Launch Strategist

I'm so glad you're here.

I started working with women like you in February 2021 supporting coaches specialising in body image, holistic wellbeing, transformation, fitness, diet culture, self-love, mental health, personal development, menstrual awareness and business.
I won’t lie to you, niching down to serving just coaches was scary AF, but I will never look back. The work female coaches like you are doing in the world is needed now more than ever and if I can support more coaches to succeed, I know I am living in my full purpose. 

My biggest bugbear with the coaching world is seeing big hearted women like you feel like you’re failing because you haven’t hit a 6-figure goal post overnight.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

At least not the kind of success that is built to last. 

My mentorship focuses on sustainability and tapping into your unique core coaching superpowers so you can build a coaching business that stands the test of time and evolves naturally with how you want to show up and serve. 

My framework is focused on getting you the
results you want with ease:

First we’ll get clear on your vision, the impact you want to create, the goals you want to achieve and how you want to feel in your business. From here we can activate your offer and superpower. 

Next we’ll explore ways to grow and bring your audience on this journey with you. You’ll finally feel like you’re pushing the needle forward consistently in your business without the actual pushing. 

Then we’ll equip you with the creative tools and structures that feel sustainable and momentous. You’ll feel completely at home in your business, magnetising exciting opportunities left, right and centre.

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What are your
next steps?

› You can book a call with me here to ask me questions about the mentorship and check we're a good fit to work together.


› If we're both feeling a strong pull to work together, you'll be invited to start the onboarding process. 


›Then we can get going with a 90-minute kick-off call to start the activation process, you'll start to feel the shifts immediately. 


› After that we'll meet every other week for an hour plus you have me in your back pocket in-between calls.

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