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How to build your own marketing strategy

Marketing your business without a clear strategy is like setting off on an unknown journey without a GPS. You’ll get somewhere, but not as fast as you want.

Most business owners have big lofty goals that they won’t achieve because they haven’t created a marketing strategy that supports those goals.

Build your own using this simple guide…


It’s important to set realistic but expansive goals around financial figures or the quantity you want to sell, provide etc. But it’s also important to set goals around how you want to feel and how you want your days to look like in your business. If you want to make £100k, selling a £1,000 course and you also want to work 3 days a week, you’ll need to come back into alignment and adjust your goals.

Focus & commitment

What main platforms are you going to focus on, where are you ideal clients hanging out and where will you be nurturing them? Decide on 1-3 platforms and then commit to showing up on them consistently for the next 90 days. Consistently doesn’t necessarily mean everyday, but it means deciding what results you want to yield results and committing to this.

What offer are you going to focus on and commit to selling? 90 days feels like a long time when you’re in it and this is where business owners will lose their momentum and decide to switch offers when they don’t see immediate results.

Commit to growing your own audience as well as relying on social media platforms. Your mailing list is a long-term sustainable way to grow your audience. How will you re-engage and grow your mailing list and what do they need to hear from you in order to convert into a paying customer?

Create an irresistible offer

Are you completely sold on your offer? It if it’s not a f*** yes, this step is so important.

Showing up and marketing and selling your offer for 90 days or more will bring up some discomfort. If you don’t completely love and believe in your offer, this discomfort could completely throw you off, burn you out and result in abandoning ship.

Simplicity is key when it comes to creating an irresistible offer. What does your audience desire and how is your offer the most effective way of getting them what they want?

Grow & nurture your audience with high quality content

Your content should be taking your audience through the AIDA model - awareness, interest, desire and action. Take an audit of your existing content and highlight where you might be lacking in the AIDA model. What do you need to do more to take your audience on a journey?

Convert your audience with a robust sales strategy

Each part of this strategy is so important but without sales, you’re not really running a business, but an expensive hobby…you need to sell to your audience confidently, comfortably and consistently.

Audit your sales strategy over the last 90 days. How often did you sell? What was the sales process and did it work? How easy or hard are you making it for the audience to buy?

The biggest barrier to sales is your belief in what sales is. Our own money blocks can often block our financial success in business, so get under the skin of your beliefs and do the work to rewrite them.

A simple sales strategy understands why people buy, so you can speak directly to that and then follow up with a repeatable sales process and strong call to action.

90 day audit, review and tweak

Marketing is like a science experiment, you need to gather enough data and evidence to really be able to see what has worked and what hasn’t. So keep your skin in the game, keep it simple, focused and then thoroughly review the results, make adjustments and then go again. This is how you keep growing and becoming more fine tuned in your business.

Learn how to love marketing your business in my private 1:1 marketing mentorship. Together we will create a powerful and simple process that feels exciting to implement and gets you the best results a lot faster than trying to do it alone.

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