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How to plan a financially abundant year

If you want your biggest year in business in 2023 and create new levels of freedom in your life, you need to strategically plan out your year in advance. Sales planning is so crucial to understanding where you’re going to create wealth in your business.

But it’s also so important to do this so you schedule in periods of slowness in your business so you can actually rest and enjoy the abundance you’re creating in your business.

Of course things might change, as business owners we get to be agile and creative in our planning. Nothing is set in stone and things will always need adapting, but without any plan, you won’t achieve the success you desire.

Step 1: review your product suite

What needs to stay, what needs to go, what needs to be upgraded or replaced? A strong product suite includes offers you love to deliver and sell. If the thought of talking about a particular product or offer makes you feel anything other than lit up, it needs to go because this energy doesn’t sell.

A strong product suite also needs a selection of offers priced at different levels, but focus on ‘perfecting’ your main core offer, the one that will generate the most for your business first. Focusing on low ticket, one-off offers will lead you to burnout.

Step 2: decide what offers need a launch

I would recommend launching at least two times a year and no more than four, for intentional, strategic launches. You should be continuing to grow, warming and selling to your audience in between, but if you want periods of rest, launching allows you to do this comfortably.

Create strategic, intentional launches around offers that are either high-ticket, brand new or need an injection of fresh energy.

Step 3: grab a calendar and plan out your year

Make sure you prioritise personal commitments, holidays, social gatherings etc, because you don’t want to accidentally plot a launch right in the middle of the school holidays if you have lots of small children who need your attention.

If you are Spiritually inclined, you can also plot New and Full Moons or any astrological events that you might be sensitive to. Launching on a New Moon, closing doors on a Full Moon can feel more aligned if you are already following the moon.

Once you know what your non-negotiables are, you can start planning out your launches!

Step 4: plan out your launches in quarters

I wouldn’t recommend more than one intentional, strategic launch per quarter and don’t get too caught up with what you’ll be doing in Q4. Prioritise knowing what you’ll be focusing on in Q1 & 2 first (if you’re reading this at the beginning of the year!).

Depending on the type of launch, you will need to give yourself about 90 days from planning to when doors close. However if you’re launching something your audience already knows and loves, you won’t need as much time.

Get specific with your launch dates, especially for your upcoming launch. Financial abundance happens when we are intentional, if you don’t know when you’ll be in sales mode, you won’t commit to showing up, resulting in less impact financially.

Step 5: fun, flowy & financially abundant

Now you know where your main sources of income are coming from and when, you can be more creative with the other products you offer throughout the year. Have fun with these and make it exciting for your audience to get to know how else you can help them.

This is also a great time to think about how you can encourage more people into your world at more accessible rates, allowing you to income-stack and create a community of customers who want to keep working with you and increasing their investment with you.

Step 6: get clear on the numbers

Break it down month by month, allocating prices to each offer, how many you want to sell, how many at full price and how many in payment plans. This is when you get to really see where you need to tweak your prices and offer focuses. Play around with the numbers until you are happy with the amount of financial abundance you want to create.

If you need support with creating a profitable offer suite that feels exciting to sell and you want to start planning your most abundant launches, take a look at my private mentorship which supports coaches and OSPs to create new levels of freedom in their business and life.


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