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Launch Aligned

For the CEO who wants the ultimate launch upgrade with made-for-you strategy, planning, creation & implementation...THE DREAM!

Are you DONE with doing it all yourself, fancy swapping it for a VIP launch experience?

Your next level looks like a stress-free, high impact launch.

Think more sales, more visibility, more expansion, more fun.

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Launch Aligned Waiting List

Launch Aligned helps coaches and personal brands create stunning 12 week live launches designed to free up more of your time and headspace to bring the energy needed to convert more clients. 


Live launches done right, require a lot of time and energy and most personal brands just don’t have that time, energy or marketing expertise to run a campaign that truly makes the impact they desire.


Launch Aligned will protect your energy so you can show up feeling excited and expansive, ready to magnetise more dream clients.

You’re here because you’ve done enough of the business basics, you have…

➛ Capped out on what you can realistically do alone, you need to inject some life and more of you into your launch but have no idea what to do differently because this isn’t your area of expertise.

➛  Had enough experience launching to know this is an energy game. You're not a newbie anymore but you're really confused about all of the different launch strategies available to you. 

➛  Been waiting ‘for a better time’ to launch after some pretty exhausting launch experiences. You need someone to walk beside you so you stay consistent and so you don't completely give up after the first 24 hours of your launch. 

➛ Been avoiding the launch prep work because these tasks suck your energy and take you away from doing what you love. Coaching & serving is what you really love, spending more time honing that side of your business feels more in alignment with your bigger life vision.

➛ Neglected taking ownership of the space you should be claiming in your community and you know launching with impact will help you stake your claim and that feels so exciting!

➛ Fallen out of love with marketing your signature service, you want someone to walk beside you in your next launch so you know what to do and when and feel in control of launch plan that EXCITES YOU.

Launch Love

I love how collaborative the process has been and how you are always there to offer that extra support. Your passion for what you do is infectious and it truly makes the process of launching a lot easier. I feel like I'm not alone in this which has been really important for me. You bring calm, clarity and confidence.


Take a moment to indulge in this vision of you...

You're showing up for your audience and clients during your launch with so much energy and ease because you haven’t had to worry about the 5000+ marketing tasks that a properly-executed launch requires.

You know exactly what to do and when without having to do ANY of the heavy lifting or hours on a course, you've used that time to connect  and serve your audience.

You're feeling activated because you haven't had to put your own development on hold as a coach whilst you launch, allowing you to live your life from a place of abundance.

You're literally pinching yourself because you have the time to take yourself for a pamper morning during your launch because your spare time isn't taken up with writing endless emails, captions and landing pages.

You're fired-up everyday of your launch knowing you have launch experts on your team ready to share and explore new ideas, vibe and check-in with. 

Overflowing with confidence and excitement when the doors to your offer swing open because you know that whatever happens, you’ve given your business and launch the love it needs.

What if your next launch was your most explosive yet?


Launch Aligned offers collaboration and done for you strategy, planning, creation & implementation of your launch.

We will lead on the planning, content, copy & creation for a seamless launch that protects your energy, allowing you to make a massive up-level in your business and life.


Launch Aligned is a 12-week service like no other, because we don't just show you how to execute a great launch, we do the heavy lifting for you. 


Show-up during your launch for yourself feeling organised, in control and in alignment with your goals and how YOU want to feel.

Reassured that we'll be in the background implementing and executing.

AND you can re-use and refine the launch time and time again, with or without me. Your investment goes even further than the launch we do together.

Launch Love

Sarah is amazing! So organised & committed. I'm in the middle of the launch with her now and it's been the smoothest launch in the last 10 years of running my business. She's amazing at copy writing too, which lifts a massive weight off my shoulders. And her attitude is great, so easy and effortless to work together. Couldn't recommend her enough!

Osha Key, Transformation Coch


Here's how it all works


Put the cookie-cutter launch strategies that burnt you out in the bin and let's find a launch style that honours your energy. You get to focus on your launch mindset, while we plan your  promo event, strategise, ideal client deep dive, messaging activation…all of that good stuff!


Then we get to work plotting timelines, writing all of the copy for emails, promo event, the sales page, social media prep. All I’ll need from you is your eyes on the copy. 


This is the period of time that usually takes you away from showing up on socials and getting your audience excited for what’s about to come!


This leads us into pre-launch weeks, when we go hard promoting your hype event to get those HOT leads in your funnel ready for the is ramped up here so lots of self-care needs to be prioritised!


And before you know it, we’ll be into the final two weeks which means…LAUNCH TIME! I want you to be completely focused on calling in your ideal client at this point so I encourage you to flow through these weeks with less hustle and more flow and energy.


I'll prepare the key learnings from the launch with recommendations for the next phase of your business growth. This is where we celebrate all of your wins, reflect and look forwards.

And you don’t need to worry about what to do and when, you’ll be prompted at every point…BLISS!

Meet your launch team

Sarah 2 SMALL_edited_edited.jpg

Sarah Bray, Launch Strategist & Mentor

With over 10 years of marketing experience and 20+ launches under my belt, I will be leading your launch, ensuring you have the most expansive, impactful experience yet. 

I will be working closely with you to understand your business, your audience and those juicy desires you want for your future!

When I'm not working on my business you'll find me:

✈️ either in London or in Barcelona (my fave)
🔮 doing something woo woo
🌲 connecting to and being in nature


Heather Hutchinson. Social Media Lead

Instagram Strategy & Management is my THING. I work with female coaches boosting their online presence and supporting them in their launches.

I will be working with you throughout your launch, to create captivating Instagram content that converts. I'll also be taking the weight-off by scheduling all of your posts for you. 

When I'm not working on my business you'll find me:

✈️ travelling, especially visiting my fave Barcelona
💖 spending time with my niece and nephew
🏠 decorating my first house 

You get sooo much for your investment







Bonus: sales page + emails built'/scheduled on Squarespace, Wix, Mailchimp + Flodesk


The Investment


new extended + flexible payment plans are now available

Launch Aligned investment

You need Launch Aligned in your life if

♡ The thought of launching by yourself fills you with dread, knowing that no matter how organised you are, you’ll end up struggling to the end. 

♡ You’re ready to up-level as a coach or OSP for your existing and new clients.

♡ You want to create a more sustainable way to launch your signature service. 

♡ You know that you’ll attract more soul-aligned clients by having more energy and time to show up for your launch.

♡ You are passionate about allowing for more ease in your business and want more energy to plug back into your life.  

♡ You want to move closer to living a location independent life or spending more time with your family, working from dream locations whilst creating a sustainable income. 

Launch Love

The entire service Sarah provided was seamless, she created a clear strategy, kept me organised, made amazing content and copy, and communicated with me throughout.


I was so happy with the first launch that before it had even finished, I had booked in for another launch with Sarah.

Emily, Self Discovery Coach


This isn't for you if

⨯ Your audience hasn’t been warmed up at all. 

⨯ Haven't built an audience organically, or if you don't know what this means. 

⨯ You don't believe in your offer and the transformations you’re promising.

⨯ You believe in your offer but you’re not sure if your audience needs the transformations. 

⨯ You don't have or want to make the time to work collaboratively with someone else in your business.  

⨯ You're not in a good place time or commitment wise to go through the launch process. 

⨯ You don't want to allow more flow and freedom in your life.

⨯ You don't want to work on launch energetics, mindset and experimenting with different launch styles.

If you’ve made it this far down the page,  you’re probably feeling the adrenaline pumping because you know you're about to make the upgrade you desire.

But you’re feeling that familiar discomfort that comes with growth right?

I invite you to lean into that growth and remember…


We only have to follow the breadcrumbs the universe gives us.


And in this case, it’s jumping on a discovery call with me. 


On the call we will explore your launch plans and figure out if you need my support this time round.

Sarah 6 small - Copy.jpg

What are the next steps?


Book a Discovery Call to discuss your launch, get to know each other & see if we'd be a good fit to work together.


If Launch Aligned is ringing all of your bells and we're a good fit, we will sort out of the logistics to get you on your way to launching.


After the onboarding, it gets exciting! We'll kick-off with a call to pin down your tone of voice, launch goals and get going on the marketing strategy & launch plans.

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