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Ground & Grow

A four-month marketing experience to
accelerate the growth of your coaching business 

You decided to take the leap and make your dream of coaching women a reality, but now you’re spending more time trying to generate consistent leads
when all you want to do is coach.

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It all looked so easy

It was like everything fell perfectly into place the moment you decided to start coaching.


That fire in your belly reignited, your heart felt so full and the excitement about life came rushing back.


You weren’t even that concerned about money at that point, you were more lit up by the fact you’d found your life's purpose. 


But then the reality sinks in that this isn’t just about coaching, you’re now wearing all of the hats and prioritising which one to wear and when is overwhelming right?

I can completely relate, I literally felt exactly the same. 

-the entrepreneurial life is harder than it looks, especially if you try and do it all alone.

In between downloading another marketing freebie, you're:

→ Growing in frustration because instead of using Instagram as a marketing channel, you’re getting caught up in comparing yourself to all of the 'five figure' coach BS out there.


→ Feeling confused because since launching your business, you haven’t had time to reconnect with your why and your purpose for starting in the first place. Imposter syndrome keeps setting in, slowing EVERYTHING down. 


→ Working more hours than you ever wanted to, maybe you’re still juggling your 9-5 and you can’t see yourself being able to rely totally on your coaching income.


→ Trying to simplify your marketing strategy so it feels aligned with how you want to feel, but everything in your business feels disjointed, half-done and totally above your head right now!

You know it doesn't have to be that complicated?

- I can help you lay the essential foundations to help your coaching business thrive.

What if you could literally 'skip to the good bit' and... 

→ Feel in complete control of the direction of your coaching business with marketing foundations in place and working hard for you.


→ Wake up feeling excited about the coaching calls you have booked on that day, not the never ending list of tasks you need to do to attract more discovery calls. 


→ Finally hand in your notice so you can go full time in your coaching business, feeling complete trust in your ability to magnetise more dream clients. 


→ Have more time to hone your skills as a coach so you can have even greater impact on the women you work with, creating waves of demand to work with you

→ Watch all of your ideas come to life without the overwhelm of making them a reality.

Before coming to Sarah, I had so much I wanted to do for my business but I had no time or strategy in place. At first, I think like most business owners, I was a bit nervous to hand it over to someone else, but it was the best decision I made.


She helped me with so much that I don’t even know where to start on the impact she has had on my small business. The entire service she provided was seamless, she created a clear strategy, kept me organised, made amazing content and copy, and communicated with me throughout.


I was so happy with the first launch that before it had even finished, I had booked in for another launch with Sarah.


Not only was she a pleasure to work with, she got me amazing results. The biggest win was that my mailing list had increased by 263 subscribers by the end of the month from the first launch alone.


I am already planning my third launch with Sarah and cannot wait to hear about future services so I can book them straight away!


I would 100% recommend Sarah.

Emily O'Neil, Self Discovery Coach

Sarah 5.jpg
Sarah 5.jpg

I’ve seen these challenges and these dreams time and time again…

I have been working with coaches for over a year and have seen business growth stalling because of decision fatigue and overwhelm. 


Having someone on your team who can take your ideas and allow them to flourish would be the absolute dream, right?

But therein lies the chicken and the egg…

- You’re waiting around for the coaching clients to roll in before you make the investment you know your business needs, all the while stalling your business growth and killing your momentum.

Sarah 4.jpg

Ground & Grow

Ground & Grow is for the coach who needs to be able to focus on bringing in money whilst having someone on her team to support her future, long distance plan.


I’ll introduce the structure you and your business are craving with a monthly focus and achievable goals for our time together


Say goodbye to idea fear, because I’ll be there to filter, draw from your ideas and explore ways to make them an actual reality. No more abandoning ideas because of lack of time!


Feel more in control as we work through those business priorities at a pace that feels momentous yet not overwhelming.


Finally, make more time to work on your mindset (because you know how essential this is) whilst I look after the strategy and hands-on implementation.

It has been absolutely amazing working with you. Being a solo entrepreneur and new to this world it has been the best thing ever to have someone to not only bounce ideas off but also to help bring those ideas to life.


I love how collaborative the process has been and how you are always there to offer that extra support. Your passion for what you do is infectious and it truly makes the process of building a business and launching services a lot easier.


I feel like I'm not alone in this which has been really important for me. You bring calm, clarity and confidence.


Standout moments, have been the first launch, when I had no idea what I was doing, and you very patiently and reassuringly guided me through. You have tailored what I need for each and every stage of my business growth budget.

Caitlin Edwards, Body Image Coach

This is what the next four months could look like for you



We’ll get really clear on where you are now and where you want to be by the end of our time together. We’ll look at you as a coach in the wider market so you can get really focused on your positioning. And we’ll put together a market research plan to support you in tightening up your messaging and offering.



We’ll focus on understanding who your audience is, mapping out the buyer's journey and discovering what they really want from you so we can tailor some magnetic messaging to attract those soul-aligned clients.


Time for a social media overhaul! Think content strategy, authority building, aesthetic refresh as well as some brand new posts created & designed for you to keep as templates so you can hit the ground running and start selling your services on socials.


Get ready to really embody the transformations you’re delivering and step into your CEO shoes. We’ll refine your signature service and create an offer and launch plan that feels completely aligned.

The value I’ve packed into this is pretty mind blowing…

Let’s break it down each month:

Month 1


» Business audit - where are you now, where do you want to be?

» Tailored market research 

» Competitor analysis, positioning & personal branding 

» Product suite & sales plan

Month 3


Full social media strategy & expert positioning: 


» How-to show up effortlessly and sell authentically with a month of story prompts

» Bio audit & recommendations

» x4 carousel templates created

» x8 value rich carousels designed and captioned (from templates)

» x4 storytelling captions written

» Reel ideas x4 & direction

Month 2


» Buyer’s journey strategy

» A bespoke messaging blueprint to help you sell

» Lead magnet created

» Create client converting email nurture funnel written

» Market research analysis & recommendations

Month 4


» CEO Launch Ready Embodiment - how to embody the transformations you’re selling

» Signature framework refined & offer creation

» Launch plan

» Services page written


£2200 OR £550 per month

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