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Client Reviews


Osha Key

Transformation Coach

"Sarah is amazing! So organised & committed. I'm in the middle of the launch with her now and it's been the smoothest launch in the last 10 years of running my business. She's amazing at copy writing too, which lifts a massive weight off my shoulders. And her attitude is great, so easy and effortless to work together. Couldn't recommend her enough!"

Sarah Tombs.jpg

Sarah Tombs

Calm & Confidence Coach

"You offered such a professional yet personable service, always cheering me on and celebrating the progress I made.


Your feedback on my marketing was all so thoughtful and considered.


It gave me the belief that I do know what to do in terms of marketing, that it is an extension of me and that there is no right away - only the way that fits for me.


I loved working together and I would 100% recommend anyone to work with you."

Sarah Tombs.jpg

Caitlin Edwards

Body Image Coach

“It has been absolutely amazing working with you. Being a solo entrepreneur and new to this world it has been the best thing ever to have someone to not only bounce ideas off but also to help bring those ideas to life.


I love how collaborative the process has been and how you are always there to offer that extra support. Your passion for what you do is infectious and it truly makes the process of building a business and launching services a lot easier.


I feel like I'm not alone in this which has been really important for me. You bring calm, clarity and confidence


Standout moments, have been the first launch, when I had no idea what I was doing, and you very patiently and reassuringly guided me through. You have tailored what I need for each and every stage of my business growth.”


Emily O'Neil

Self Discovery Coach

“Before coming to Sarah, I had so much I wanted to do for my business but I had no time or strategy in place. At first, I think like most business owners, I was a bit nervous to hand it over to someone else, but it was the best decision I made.


She helped me with so much that I don’t even know where to start on the impact she has had on my small business. The entire service she provided was seamless, she created a clear strategy, kept me organised, made amazing content and copy, and communicated with me throughout.


I was so happy with the first launch that before it had even finished, I had booked in for another launch with Sarah.


Not only was she a pleasure to work with, she got me amazing results. The biggest win was that my mailing list had increased by 263 subscribers by the end of the month from the first launch alone.


I am already planning my third launch with Sarah and cannot wait to hear about future services so I can book them straight away!


I would 100% recommend Sarah.”

Amelia Kirk

Overwhelm Coach

“I worked with Sarah to update my website and create my first free resource.  I was unsure about outsourcing this work as I am still early in my business and I knew it was an expense I didn't necessarily NEED to spend.  I am so glad that I did!!  Sarah was incredibly professional and organised, I felt I was in really capable hands from the get go and I knew that she understood what it was that I wanted to create and how I wanted my clients to feel.


The level of detail is incredible, Sarah was always happy to work in new ideas until we had got exactly what I had pictured in my head.


Before working with Sarah I kind of hoped people wouldn't end up on my website, it no longer represented me as a coach and my business.  Now I am so proud of my website and I know it is a brilliant extension of my social channels and how I want to show up online.  I couldn't be happier with the free resource, it's so much better than I imagined! Sarah's editing skills are brilliant so just one look at the adjusted copy and I knew it was all money well spent.


Thank you so much Sarah!”

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