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Simplify your route to sales success in your next launch


This is for the coach who is ready to feel fired up and ready to flow into their next launch with ease and confidence. 

On the call we’ll look at ONE area of your launch, that is the main culprit for your procrastination...oh hi 4 hour screen time (don’t worry I’ve been there)!

Which one of these makes you feel most seen?

Launch Aligned Waiting List

“I have big plans, so many ideas and I love my offer...but I have more to-do lists, post-it notes, google docs than hours in the day and the thought of starting overwhelms me.”

Oh hunny, I feel you. You reach for your new cute notepad or pull up a fresh google doc and let’s face it, you have no idea what’s next. So back to Instagram you go, for more ‘inpso’...aka a distraction from making a plan!

It sounds like you need to know how a successful launch is mapped out, what you need to do and when with key timelines. Ready to make huge headway in planning your launch? 

“I’m terrified of launching and seeing tumbleweed. I know what I want to launch but I just don’t know if my audience are going to buy me.”

I hear you, it’s one of the biggest fears around launching. But it is completely valid! Killer messaging and a rock solid mindset won’t see results if your audience haven’t been warmed up.

Let’s develop a pre-launch strategy that builds your like, know and trust factor, positions you as an authority and ensures when you come to launch, your audience are not just ready but willing to buy. 

“In my head the offer sounds great but when I go to talk or write about it, it comes out all...flat! So instead, I don’t talk about it and instead show what my cat is getting up to.”

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a solution your audience absolutely needs and not having the messaging that is completely compelling.

Articulating can be HARD, but I’ll make it easy. It’s all about reaching people and their pain points in different ways, calling on their desires in a way they can’t ignore.

Not sure what your launch problem is? A clarity call will quickly help us figure that out.

You need to book a Launch Intensive if...

You’re overwhelmed by the amount of generic launch advice out there  and need a tailored approach. 


You’ve been hesitating about launching for longer than what 2020 felt like.

You’re in love with what you do but you’re not seeing the impact you know your service deserves.


You’ve been manifesting big things for 2022, but you know you need to take inspired action.

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How does it work & what will you get?


We’ll jump on a clarity call to pinpoint the solution you need for a successful launch.


The 90 minute call is where the magic happens, prepared to feel a wave of clarity, calm and confidence!


After our call you’ll receive a detailed write-up of everything we discussed and everything you need to implement going forward. 

The Offer

£295 includes:

Tailored strategy call 
Detailed write-up & next steps


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