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Launch Synergy

A community of coaches actively growing their reach through intentional collaboration.

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Collaborating with coaches with different expertise is an underused tool that will support your long-term growth and launch strategy. 

We can often feel like Instagram cages us in and limits our opportunity to reach more potential dream clients.

Collaboration is the medicine your coaching business needs to break through this ‘cage’ and start having more impactful launches. 

I’ve created something that is making collaboration more accessible, so you can really step up as an authority figure, reach more clients and move closer to the lifestyle you desire.” 

Launch Elixir is a community of coaches who are all looking to collaborate with other coaches from different areas of expertise to expand their reach, offering and visibility.

You want to feel inspired, creative and supported

I’ve created Launch Elixir to make collaboration easy, fun and importantly, beneficial to your business.


Running a coaching business can feel like you're constantly pushing a boulder uphill, especially with Instagram controlling just how much reach and visibility you get.

I want you to feel like you can confidently position yourself as leader in front of a wider audience of soul-aligned clients.

The business win? More eyes on your beautiful offers, especially when you’re launching. 

The personal win? Huge growth in your own confidence as a leader.

Tap into the POWER of collaboration

What if collaboration was the medicine your coaching business needs to:

→ Get more eyes on your brand = more potential leads.
→ Reach a wider audience, allowing your message to land with more people who need to hear it.

→ Have more impact in your next launch, creating waves of momentum in your business.
→ Boost your energy, confidence and inspiration because two brains are always better than one!

By joining Launch Elixir and actively engaging with the group, you will go from feeling caged-in and capped, to confidently positioning yourself as a leader in front of more dream clients.

And there are so many different ways to collaborate depending on your goals:


→ Reels & posts

→ Podcasts

→ Blogs

→ Group programmes

→ Masterminds

→ Retreats (online and now IRL YAY!)

→ Workshops & masterclasses

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Hi there, I'm Sarah your
Launch Mentor & Strategist

I am so excited to welcome you into the community of big-vision coaches, who want to share more value with their community.

After over a year of working with different coaches on over 20 different launches, I have seen the coaches who make the most impact are the ones who are actively trying to expand their reach.

My own collaboration win happened only a few months into launching my business. I held an online virtual retreat with 15 paying women. Using the power of collaboration, I bought together a magical line-up of coaches all bringing something completely unique. 

Collaboration is probably one of the easiest ways to expand your reach, whilst positioning yourself as an authority in your field, encouraging more trust and connection with a wider audience. 

But how often do you actually collaborate? Probably not as much as you'd like to right? 

Launch Elixir will offer up new opportunities with other trailblazing women, leading their communities with impact and intention. 

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